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Discharge Advice Following Nasal Surgery

  1. Do not return to work for ten days to two weeks and avoid crowded areas during this time, as this will reduce any chance of infection.
  2. You will continue to have nasal congestion and a blood stained nasal discharge for two to three weeks after the operation.  You should refrain from blowing your nose and sneezing if possible.
  3. Please continue with all your medication including inhalations and nose drops as prescribed by your consultant.  A nurse or the pharmacist will show you how to administer these before your discharge home.
  4. You will find that you breathe through your mouth much more until your nasal passages are clear again.  This often results in frequent “dry mouth”, feeling thirsty and snoring.  Continue with inhalations and nose drops if prescribed and drink more fluid than you might normally drink.  Your nose will eventually clear but it can take up to 6 weeks to gain the full benefit of the operation.
  5. In the very unlikely event of a sudden severe nose bleed after discharge it may be necessary to attend your local casualty department for this to be treated.