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Hearing Problems in Childhood

Severe hearing losses are usually diagnosed in early infancy.

The school test is designed to detect any other hearing problem which may affect a child’s education.

Below are some reasons why a child may fail a hearing test in school: –

  • Shyness, lack of concentration or distraction by other children during the test
  • Cold, or ear infection, prior to or at the time of the test
  • Thick hard wax, which is blocking the ear canal
  • Fluid in the middle ear

This problem is very common in children as it often follows a cold and usually resolves without treatment.   When it does recur, it can cause the hearing to fluctuate; sometimes the fluid can thicken and become ‘glue like’.  It is then often referred to as ‘glue ear’ – now usually termed “Otitis Media with Effusion” (OME).  A child with glue ear often finds it difficult to listen or concentrate on classroom activities.