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Care of Ears – Advice for Flying

  1. Take 1 Sudafed tablet on the morning of flight.
  2. Take 1 Sudafed tablet about 2 hours before landing.
  3. Spray nose with Otrivine well about 1 hour and then again 30 minutes before landing.Try to clear nasal ear passage by holding nose, blow out cheeks with mouth closed and swallow.
  4. If ears continue to feel blocked after flight continue with: Sudafed tablets 3 times a day and spray nose 3 times a day.Seek medical advice if ear pain continues after flight.

Remember “PRESSURE PROBLEMS” are most important during DESCENT of the aircraft.

Sudafed tablets and Otrivine nasal spray (or equivalents) can be purchased over the counter at most Chemists or Pharmacists.